About Larry Jones

I am a serious Christian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ more than any person or any thing. I am a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. I am a (mostly) retired electrical contractor. I have lived in Kelowna, B.C. Canada for about 50 years.

I want to speak into your life. I want to reach Christians and non-Christians with a simple message….

Your relationship (or lack of relationship) with Jesus Christ is your most important issue; the success of your life will always correspond to the value of this relationship. Most important, your bond to Christ can always be improved.

I have created a series of short videos to be posted weekly on this site, and also on Facebook and Youtube. Many years of observation have taught me that institutional churches, most certainly including evangelical churches, compete with Lord Jesus for the attention, affection and loyalty of Christians. My response to their non-biblical ordinances is…. Like REALLY? Also, I confront the non-Christian who thinks he/she can squeeze even a morsel of contentment outside a relationship with Jesus Christ with the same question…. Like REALLY?

Throughout my video recordings, I will take you on a spiritual/religious tour of my city  – Kelowna, B.C., Canada – visiting the five largest churches, and some of the smaller churches. My city is a mirror, to varying degrees, of other North American cities, and cities in other countries. The way organized religion affects Kelowna is similar to how it affects other spiritual communities. Like REALLY?, therefore, will be relevant to most.

If you are being blessed by this video series perhaps the Lord Jesus would have you, somehow, let others know of Like REALLY?. Like really.

Most sincerely and most fervently and most humbly,

Larry Jones