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I Once Was Found

“Good-bye Jesus, hello again carnal friends!” Departing from Christ (or backsliding) is something many converts to Lord Jesus do. More, perhaps much more, than you think.

13. Next Stop: Kelowna Christian Center

Kelowna Christian Center was the outcome of an ugly church split. It was a church split from Evangel Tabernacle that gave birth to KCC. Bitterness from the Evangel camp lasted years. Families were divided, accusations exchanged, and on and on. It really was ugly.

Who Are You Following?

A follower of evangelicalism (an evangelical) is not a follower of Christ. And a follower of Christ is not a follower of evangelicalism. A follower of Christ is a follower of…. Christ.

The Tour Continues

At Evangel Church (Kelowna, B.C.) CHRIST is spoken. But to what degree? That is the issue. Sadly, CHURCH is emphasized much more than Jesus. Something…. is…. wrong. Like really.

God People vs Christ People

Caustic question: “Why do christians avoid the name of Jesus?” I think I know.