I Once Was Found


Good-bye Jesus, hello again carnal friends!”

Departing from Christ (or backsliding) is something many converts to Lord Jesus do. More, perhaps much more, than you think.

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  1. <path_to_url> Julie Traeger

    Lukewarm christians wll go to imediately to heaven, in your opinion.

    That word immediately worries me.
    We sleep the death sleep, and then we wake to the coming of Our Lord Jesus.
    I liken it to the sleep we have at night, we arent aware of the time, day or night, what has or hasnt gone on, we are sleeping.

    My study has found, that in my opinion, the only people in heaven are the saints that rose with Jesus, and Elijah in the bible taken up by God. The rest are in that death sleep, and will be risen when Christ comes again.
    Open to your feedback 🙂


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